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Newspapers – Good News For Old News
Convert your newspapers and rare books to CDROM/DVD, Internet based graphic formats, PDF, OCR/searchable indexed documents.

With our Paperview service, you get rid of all the paper and gain safe storage, easy access and fast retrieval of your documents from a CD or an Internet web site with a search engine that can search the text of the entire collection of newspapers and magazine and other publications.

You know that newspapers take up much storage space, are easy to damage and are hard to search. Our digital solution can make using your newspaper archives so much easier. Our state of the art equipment scans the papers. Then, the data is indexed according to your needs and CDs are created. The search, view, and print software can be put on the same storage CD so you have no additional software needs for your PCs; or you can upload them to your Internet web site to be easily accessed and searched from anywhere anytime. Our document management experts can help design a customized solution for you. Depending on your location, we can even arrange to pick up your newspapers for processing. If you are too far from us for personal pickup, shipping can be easily arranged from anywhere in the country. And, if you decide to destroy the paper once you have your CDs, we can handle that for you too. Contact us and we’ll be on the way to helping you solve your newspaper storage and access problems.

Already converted your newspapers to microfilm? We can convert your microfilm to a CD or electronic digital file for an internet web site to provide you and your clients with faster access and easy searching capabilities. The search and access software could be put on the same storage CD so you have no additional software needs on your PCs. Just load the CD and you’re ready! And, you can keep your backup microfilm on site so that you are never without your documents while Modern Information Systems, Inc. creates your digital images.

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